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Aurangabad, 24-04-2023. The Golf & Turf Seminar 2023 was conducted by GCS&MAI at Aurangabad, Maharashtra on 24th April 2023. The seminar had three speakers who addressed different topics related to Golf Courses and Turf Management.

The Seminar was opened with a welcome address by Wg Cdr A K Singh (Retd), President of GCS&MAI and he thanked all the Sponsors for their support.

The first speaker, Mr. Andrew Price, talked about new irrigation technologies for golf courses. He discussed how golf course managers can use technology to optimize water usage, reduce wastage, and ensure that golf courses remain green and healthy all year round. Mr. Price also highlighted some of the latest irrigation technologies available in the market and their benefits.


The second speaker, Mr. Adhish Rathore, talked about water body maintenance. He emphasized the importance of maintaining water bodies on golf courses and the challenges involved in doing so. Mr. Rathore also shared some tips on how golf course managers can ensure that water bodies remain clean, healthy, and attractive for golfers and visitors.

The third speaker, Mr. Rajeet Kakkad, talked about the challenges of creating a new golf course in small cities. He discussed how golf course designers and managers can work with limited space and resources to create a world-class golf course that meets the needs and expectations of golfers. Mr. Kakkad also highlighted some of the benefits of having a golf course in small cities, such as boosting tourism and promoting local economic development.

Overall, the GCS&MAI Golf & Turf Seminar 2023 seemed to be a very informative and insightful event for golf course managers and enthusiasts. The speakers shared valuable insights and tips on how to manage and maintain golf courses in a sustainable and efficient manner.


A welcome Dinner was hosted by Mr. Rajeet Kakkad for all the GCS&MAI members at his residence.


At the end of the Seminar Wg Cdr A K Singh (Retd), President of GCS&MAI thanked Toro, MGM Golf Club, JS Water Energy Life Co. Pvt. Ltd. and Col Vinay Khanna for supporting this event.

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