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Objectives of GCS&MAI

Assist all golf course developers/owners/entrepreneurs/organizations running golf courses to provide them useful and professional advise to overcome their problems/difficulties in improving the standard of golf courses in the country

1. To provide technical support in upgrading or refurbishing of the golf courses and also in the development of world class golf courses for the betterment of the golf development in India.

2. To seek to improve the knowledge and techniques of Golf Course Superintendents & Managers and for this purpose to arrange meetings seminars of Turf and Turf related conferences and to promote closer relationship between state Associations.

3. Assist organizations in holding golf shows/exhibitions as and when planned.

4. To assist and support educational institutions in India to enable them to provide a higher standard of education in golf course and turf management.

5. To promote and expand public awareness of the Association and it’s objectives.

6. To publish and/or promote newsletters or journal dealing with matters of interest pertaining to the Association and it’s objective.

7. Assist development of suitable turf grass nurseries of homogenous species for creating healthy, true and faster putting surface. Also to assist in combating aggression of disease, pest pathogen and vagaries of weather including micro climatic changes.

8. To assist in procurement of suitable turf machinery amongst the best available in the world and within the country.

9. To maintain a nucleus of Golf Architects, Greens Superintendents, turf machinery technicians, irrigation experts, Agronomist whose knowledge and expertise can be utilized by the demanding golf courses.

10. To maintain a constant liaison with AGCSA, GCSAA and such other organization all over the world to obtain latest information and up grade our knowledge base continually.

11. To work for and achieve the improvement of the golf course in the country.

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