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Arrival of delegates
Arrival of delegates

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Participants from all over the country.
Participants from all over the country.

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Latest News : South East Asia Golf Show - Virtual 2021
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The third and final day of the South East Asia Golf Show 2021 had a lot in store as well to keep the viewers engaged all through. There were six top notch panel discussions and presentations structured in a way that viewers can leave the house after having a whale of a time. That's exactly what happened as we witnessed people from around the globe joining the summit in large numbers.


Assist all golf course developers/owners/ entrepreneurs /organizations  running  golf courses to provide them useful and professional advise to overcome their problems/difficulties in improving the standard of golf courses in the country.

To provide technical support in upgrading or refurbishing of the golf courses and also in the development of world class golf courses for the betterment of the golf development in India.

The Golf Course Superintendents & Managers Association of India welcomes you and is very proud of your joining this fraternity.

With the growing popularity of golf in India there is greater development of good golf courses in the country. It should come as no news flash to the golf industry that times are changing and Superintendents/Managers are being asked to take on new roles and enlarged responsibilities to produce world-class golf course panorama.

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